For Parker.   There’s a witch–well, not quite a witch–who lives in a cabin by the highway. The old guy who runs the drugstore downtown says the witch’s been there forever. We don’t argue with him, mostly because there’s nobody old enough here that can say otherwise. They don’t say much about the witch, when… Continue reading Hum

Is it Shapeshifting if Your Form Didn’t Fit In The First Place?

Cut On the dying edge Star-caked razorblade’s cloud-made thread Snap In black And silver And fading-grey-fast– And here I am falling Touching the shimmer-in-the-sky– And here I am burned Sigils hissing smoke from skin Smack Clean into water Salt singing in my veins Scream And silent I come through Alien eyes drinking in the faces,… Continue reading Is it Shapeshifting if Your Form Didn’t Fit In The First Place?


I wrote a short story in April. I can’t seem to find anywhere it fits so it’s going here. content warning: arson, death, child death which happened prior to story, mild gore happy ending, I think. 🙂 Enjoy. The town whispered for a while of the fire; they had a right to it, their lungs… Continue reading Feathers


When I signed up to work for The Rider, I signed up to learn from him. The cursor is blinking at me right now. It feels like it’s taunting me because I can’t figure out anything else to say–the first draft of this post turned into something very personal that was unrelated (mostly) to religion… Continue reading Employee


One. “Are you sure this is what you want?” Two. “You can’t stir cream out from coffee.” There is no three, only teeth in a cracking shoulder and an expanding void in a solar plexus. Nothing but the gape of a being who chews fury into power; gulps down a shard of soul like it’s… Continue reading Devoured